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Hello. I am Jason Ray

owner and BBQ Pit Master of Jay Ray's BBQ & Catering.

Jay Ray's BBQ came together out of a passion and love for cooking...especially if it could be cooked on a grill. I was a regular with the food channel and my childhood passion for cooking flooded back to me.  My heroes seemed to be the BBQ geniuses and I began to visit any BBQ place, food stand, and truck that I could get to.

I began experimenting, making my own sauces and spices, varying cooking methods, and temperatures, and pretty soon I thought I made some pretty tasty BBQ.   Before long the volunteer line to taste test began to grow.  This led to the tasters asking me to make a slab for them, a pound of pulled pork, and my tasty BBQ chicken.  I decided to try some side dishes and send them along.  Pretty soon the demand overcame what I could do at home so I rented a commercial kitchen. - Jay Ray's BBQ was born.

The passion continues and the menu grows.  After winning the ribs Cook-off in my hometown of Wyandotte, MI, it not only got its own legs but started running.  Catering requests for weddings, graduation party, company lunches, dinners, reunions, corporate parties, and other gigs started poured in.  Now my food truck is being fitted out and Jay Ray's BBQ will hit the road so look for it in your town somewhere here in Metro Detroit.

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